Gustavo Ramos Perales

Gustavo Ramos Perales

Pies en la Arena (feature film) | 2021 Co-production of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
Executive producer, director.

Studio Creativo | Puerto Rico and Spain. Since 2012
Executive Director
Digital Content for TV, internet, social media and business, web design and app

El Chata (feature film) | Puerto Rico. 2018
Executive producer, director and scriptwriter.
The film has been awarded around the world: New York, Spain, Argentina, Chile, etc. It has also participated in numerous international festivals (La Habana, Chicago, San Diego, Bolivia).

Production Manager
“Bear with OZ” 2021 Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, USA. Currently in post-production.

Antena PR
San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2008-2015
Director, productor and digital content creator
Online television channel: web series, short films, interviews, etc